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  1. Puppy assessments
    Buying or adopting a new puppy? Some reasons to consider an assessment include being a first time puppy owner (or it's been years since your last puppy), new to the breed, or new to the desired activity or sport for which you're getting the puppy. We can evaluate a potential puppy, litter, or breed before you bring one home via a scheduled phone, video-phone, video, or in-person assessment.
  2. Adoption Counseling
    We offer assessments and advice on potential and recently adopted dogs. Both phone and in-person consultations can be scheduled to help ensure a good fit for your home and a proper introduction, as well as to answer questions about any bumps along the way. Just as with puppies, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Let us help you create a seamless transition for your new dog.
  3. Socializing
    Socialization days are one of our unique services and a fantastic add-on to any training package. They consist of a scheduled, goal oriented day for healthy dogs 12+ weeks to seniors. Depending on the dog and his needs, these can include dog/dog interactions, outdoor training for focus and confidence, public outings on leash, off-leash work in a controlled environment, and much more.
  4. Board&Train
    Board&Train packages are an intensive, goal-oriented training option which typically range from 10-21 days. Shorter stays can be incorporated into many of the training packages. This flexibility allows us to tailor training to your dog and your goals. Dogs stay in the home of a trainer, where several sessions per day can be divided between house manners, socialization, obedience, outings, dog-dog interactions, etc.
  5. Day-Train
    Our Day-Train service is as effective as it is convenient. Let us come to you and train your dog while you go about your normal routine. Sessions are scheduled in advance and typically take place at your home or office (if your dog comes to work with you). They can also be coordinated into a day-care day, grooming visit, or vet visit.
  6. Behavior consultations
    Most behavior consultations are upon referral from a veterinarian, groomer, day care worker, or other trainer; however, don't hesitate to contact us directly. From aggression to fears and phobias to compulsive behaviors, we prefer to take a holistic approach, which often includes the whole family, veterinarian, groomer, etc. when possible.
  7. Residential training
    Often the most effective and convenient place to train is your own home. We offer in home training for several our services including behavior consults, Day-Train, and Board&Train transfer sessions.
  8. Specialist training
    We will soon be offering training for specialized dog sports/activities such as IPO, herding, agility, AKC/UKC obedience, and nose work. These sessions are a great compliment to training classes or to focus on a specific issue inside of a larger dog activity. Some examples include settling, motivating & focusing, jumping, retrieving, barking, and more. Check back for this exciting service
  9. Available Dogs
    From time to time we have dogs available for sale or adoption. Any available dogs will be listed online. Please check back for updates.
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Family dog training

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