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Train your dog to wait politely, come on call, and much much more 

Effective training is holistic and flexible.  Close to a decade of experience in a wide range of canine activities and training methodologies, internationally recognized professional certifications, mandatory continuing education, and strong relationships with other canine professionals ensure we can customize a successful training approach to help you and your canine partner attain your goals.

The Training Trifecta

  1. Man's best friend
    We can teach you and your dog the skills needed to get the most out of your relationship. From manners needed to enjoy public outings, obedience under distraction, and social confidence, to the ability to respond accordingly to a potential threat, NonStop Dog can ensure your dog earns the title of man's best friend.
  2. Woof Woof
    Barking, digging, jumping, nipping, chewing, urinating/defecating indoors. Most problem or nuisance behaviors reported by dog owners are normal dog behaviors that can be quickly and effectively replaced or redirected with our professional expertise.
  3. Go fetch
    Mental stimulation along with physical activity provides a wonderful prophylactic to many undesirable dog behaviors. From competing in performance events to tricks with practical uses around the house, NonStop Dog will create a training experience to keep your pup physically and mentally fit.

Solve behavior problems!
Companion dog training made easy

We can give you all the tips you need to train your furry friend

Our training is not only highly effective but is dog- and owner-friendly. Our training philosophy is that most training happens during your normal interactions with your pet. We simply capitalize on this by incorporating techniques into the things you probably already do with your dog. Contact us to start training today.